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Beauty, in my opinion must be something fascinating yet perceptible; inspiring yet very close to our feeling. That is actually the soul and the harmony of colors as well as the appreciation of art. 

The Color of Luong Truong Tho

My paintings depict my own world of memories, meditations, and even the very familiar yet modernized perception which is characterized by the viet soul of: Non La (bamboo-leaf hat), Ao Dai (traditional dress), the vague shadows of ladies, oceans, mountains, and rivers. All are pure, peaceful, and somehow mysterious.

 Painting is a companion in my very private, colorful, and spiritual world. I will never abandon it. I love the innocence and simplicity; I like to discover the mysteries of the soul and the things around us and display them on white canvas with my unique color composition.

  • 4:05
  • LIcona1:22
  • Taking Chances2:24
  • for6:07

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