His work can be found in many Important Private Collections all over the world – Starting in Vietnam to the International Forums of FRANCE, ENGLAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, DENMARK, HOLLAND, BELGIUM, THAILAND, SINGAPORE, JAPAN, KOREA and recently the United States.

For Luong, beauty must be something fascinating yet perceptible; inspiring yet very close to our feeling.  The painting should imply color, emotion and impression. His works, he says, are “infinite.”  We, in turn have the opportunity to decipher with our eyes and explore and interpret with our feelings. His elegantly dressed female figures, whether gazing into the distance, drifting into a daydream or just standing still, captivate us with their graceful radiance and evocatively strong emotions.  “I try to integrate what is real in my mind with its underlying truth to the invisible soul.”  That to him is actually the soul and harmony of colors as well as the appreciation of art.

Luong’s versatility and zest for life transform everything he paints into strong patterns of brilliant color.  The artist finds inspiration in women amidst the opulent settings of the Asian world, especially Vietnam, and Japan with their beautiful 

Luong translates his ordinary thought into something magical, inviting us to be revitalized by the world’s simple pleasure.  The artist uses his paintbrush to convey raw emotion.  His subtle understanding of how color, texture and paint interact is his strength. Color conveys feelings and emotions in the creation of a timeless art.  It is his gift therefore it is our good fortune. He considers himself an abstract expressionist, obsessed with different figures, form and color, creating images that celebrating femininity and luminous beauty of the female form.

Some critics have compared the artist to paintings by Ali Golkar and Richard Burlet.  Luong Truong Tho started painting since 1964 and the 61-year old Vietnamese artist translates his own moody visions with a muted palette and rarely uses pure color. He particularly favors the variety he finds in blue. “Blue allows me to capture atmosphere, mood, and layers of emotion,” he says. “The color blue filters through to the surface creating depth and texture that sets the tone for the rest of the painting.”

Born in 1948 at Khanh Hoa in the province of Vietnam, Luong Truong Tho trained and graduated at The Fine Art School of Gia Dinh Saigon then furthered his artistic education with extensive travels throughout Europe and the United States, eventually returning to his native Vietnam to work.  Here are more details about Luong Truong Tho and the following Art Associations he is currently a member and proud to be a part of: 

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  • LIcona1:22


“The inspiration starts at the moment something appears in my mind; a certain image, a certain color that reflect a certain light, an object, or as simple as a golden leave that fall from the tree.  As always, I find excuses to allow my imagination to run wild and that where it all begins.  All the thoughts are brought together by a beautiful feminine figure, shaped as an Angel; she helps me initiate the Transformation. All imaginable colors are brought together, yellow, red, black but mostly Blue that starts caressing on my canvas.”

– Luong Truong Tho  –

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Enthusiasm for his art is fully evident and vivid in his mind, Vietnamese Artist Luong Truong Tho remains one of Asia’s premier contemporary masters; he strives to develop an ideal synthesis of naturalistic representation, personal expression, and abstract pictorial order.  His works have been characterized as a blend of representational art and impressionism.

  • Member of HCM City Fine Art Association - VIETNAM
  • Member of EXOTIC Art Club-HAMBURG - GERMANY
  • Member of MEKONG ART Club - HCM City - VIETNAM
  • Member of Gia Dinh Fine Art School - VIETNAM
  • Member of California Art Club (Established 1909) 

landscape and costumes called “Ao Dai” and “Kimono” dresses; including Egypt ripe with its enigmatic symbols, and ancient Greece and Rome, saturated with their unique elegance and sensuality.

Despite of his rise to fame as an artist and great success with his Handicraft Enterprise in Vietnam, Luong Truong Tho still remains a very modest man, continuing to strive and achieving his dream of becoming an “Artist” in its most complete and absolute meaning. He enjoys working in his studio in Vietnam and fortunate to be near his wife and beautiful family.  His studio is his world, the place where he translates, and transcribes everything he has experienced from the world outside and gives shape to what he has already gathered. He can be found there laboriously creating his own colors using natural pigments. In the background classical music plays as he works his fifteen-hour days to create some of the world’s most beautiful art pieces and that to him is pure “love.”