"Luong Truong Tho’s color theme is very decisive; it has the slight touch of earth-toned color, characterized by traditional culture although expressed by modern stroke and liberating style without embellishing. The expression is very natural."
- Bruce Harless

"His paintings are often surrounded by cultural environment. In a very condensed arrangement that can stir up viewer's emotions, the artist's style of stroke and color scheme have vividly conveyed the modernization of cultural aspects through the contemporary art of painting."
- Pham Quoc Hung
(Vietnam New)​

"Artist Luong Truong Tho specially loves the style-modification motif of the Non la (bamboo hat) and Ao dai (traditional dress) of Viet ladies. Viewers can perceive the profoundness in every stroke which creates the tone of his paintings."

- Huynh Thanh Van
(Industry and Trade Magazine, 1999)

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"What gives Luong Truong Tho’s paintings such fascinating aspect? The contrast of powerful colors and tone, the creative world of fantasies, the enigmatic strokes…? Those are only the means for him to placidly guide the viewers into the “non-reason” world of a creative mind; or for him to spread out a spiritual experience that sparkles with colors and fancy strokes."
- Do Hong Linh
(New Word Magazine -2006)


"The artist paintings are very poetic. Calmness and pensiveness of Asian people are very veww expresed in the paintings."

- Langenhorn Hamburg
(Germany, 2001)

  • 4:05
  • LIcona1:22
  • Taking Chances2:24
  • for6:07

"I have used the language of poems to paint the image of the Mother; whereas Luong Truong Tho has composed poems about the Mother through his colors."​​
- Poet Kien Giang

"Artist Luong Truong Tho has harmoniously processed and coordinated the colors with the atmosphere of the conceptual intention. The colors green (seems cold), yellowish green, earth-toned green, have successfully depicted a wistful symphony which in a way, can bring about a distant memory."
- Truong Dam Thuy-Thien Ha
(Art and Literature Magazine, 18th issue 5/7/2007)​

"Luong Truong Tho’s paintings are the harmony of colors. They are painted with the colors of earth – that inspire art lovers to meditate and listen to the echo of their souls; eventually, a very strong emotion will surge in them as they have never experienced before."
- Susana David
(Hamburg newspaper, Germany, 2001)